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The Lookout

The Lookout


There is a gem of greenspace near my house call Burroughs Park. It has your typical soccer and baseball fields as well as several trails and playgrounds, but one of my favorite features is its lake. It has several young trees with beautiful weeping branches which are the stomping grounds to egret, blue heron, and ibis. 


This painting is on display at Sundae Cafe, Tybee Island, GA. Please contact Art Chalet Gallery for availability.


24" x 30" | acrylic on deep gallery wrapped canvas | unframed, but ready to hang | 2019


bird, birds, egret, coastal bird, white bird, green, tree, trees, park, coastal decor, heron, greenspace, landscape, contemporary art, contemporary painting, animal art, wildlife painting, Nikkie Markle Studio

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  • Care Instructions

    All of my original works are painted on gallery canvas and finished with a coat of glossy UV varnish (because art needs sunscreen too), but please use caution when deciding where to hang art. Direct sunlight can damage and fade artwork and print materials.

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